Save money on your energy bills with Utilitrack


Coalpit Heath CC have saved more than £1300 on their energy bill by working with the Gloucestershire Cricket Board’s (GCB) official utility partner Utilitrack.

The commercial energy broker helped the South Glos club reduce their annual spend by 18% after securing a better deal with their existing provider Scottish Power.

Utilitrack saved Coalpit Heath money by benchmarking the club’s spend against seven other suppliers and the renewal quote from their existing provider.

With its national network of brokers and standing in the industry, Utilitrack is often able to provide clubs with better deals than they can access on their own. This proved to be the case with Coalpit Heath who ended up saving money without leaving their supplier.

All the club had to do was send over their bills and a letter of authority for Utilitrack to act on their behalf.

Here is how the process worked…

  • Coalpit Heath CC chairman Steve Gwinnell contacted Utilitrack after reading about their partnership with the GCB.
  • The club supplied Utilitrack with bills and a letter of authority to enable the firm to speak to the existing energy provider.
  • Utilitrack contacted Coalpit Heath’s existing provider for contractual status and usage information.
  • Utilitrack benchmarked the club’s current spend against the best rates available in the market – including the renewal offer from the current provider.*
  • Utilitrack reported back to the club on all offers and advised them on the best deal to help them save money.
  • Coalpit Heath decided to take up the best offer – in this case, staying with current provider (Scottish Power) on a new, cheaper tariff.
Steve added: “We were delighted with the saving – £1300 is a significant amount of money and we can now look at using it to develop the club instead of just paying a bill.

“The whole process was very simple, Utilitrack were very easy to deal with and I would urge other clubs to get in touch – there’s nothing to lose.”

It costs nothing for clubs to use Utilitrack and they are under no obligation to change supplier. The firm are committed to offering the best, independent advice possible, even if that means advising clubs to remain on their current deal.

Utilitrack’s Business Development Director Gerard Duggan said: “Coalpit Heath was a club with a reasonably big spend and it was great to be able to help them to make a significant saving.

“We understand that as volunteer-run organisations, clubs often don’t have time to shop around for the best deal and end up staying with their current provider on higher tariffs than are necessary.

“By simply getting in touch with us we can take the hassle out of their hands and do the work for them.

“We have a wealth of experience in this area and in most cases we believe we will be able to help clubs save money.

“Our advice is independent and if we can’t find you a better deal – as was the case with one smaller club recently – we will let you know.”

Utilitrack is one of a growing number of companies that the GCB has joined forces with in order to support its clubs and help them save money.

Other partners include Jelf Insurance, St Austell Brewery and Pegler Yorkshire.

GCB chief executive Steve Silk said: “I am delighted that Coalpit Heath has taken up the opportunity to work with our official utility partner Utilitrack and have made such a large saving.

“It costs nothing to work with Utilitrack and the potential benefits clear for all to see. I hope other clubs will now follow in Coalpit Heath’s footsteps.”

For clubs who want to find out they can get involved contact Gerard Duggan on or 01234 267883. However Anne, Jenny or Mary will be able to help too.

*Utilitrack are an independent company and don’t favour one supplier over another. As part of their energy procurement service they will share the results of the tender process with clubs and won’t take any cut of the savings they negotiate. They also don’t need their clients to switch supplier in order to get paid.