Small Grant Scheme


The England and Wales Cricket Trust’s (EWCT) small grants scheme is an annual funding source designed to help clubs improve their grounds and facilities.

More than 40 Glo clubs successful applied for funding in the last two years with the majority purchasing covers in line with the ECB’s ‘Get the Game On’ campaign.

In 2016  the EWCT grants awarded added up to over £59, 000 with the GCB covering an additional £4,133 to make up for a potential shortfall in funding.

EWCT Small Grant Scheme 2017


29 Gloucestershire clubs improved their grounds and facilities in 2017 thanks to the England and Wales Cricket Trust’s (EWCT) Small Grant Scheme.

More than £64, 000 – the highest amount to have been allocated in the county – has been put towards projects ranging from improving kitchens and social areas to purchasing new covers.

The funding was boosted by £10,000 from the Gloucestershire Cricket Board (GCB) and allowed nine more clubs to benefit than in 2016.