Young People and Adults (13+)

ECB Certificate in Coaching Young People and Adults Cricket (UKCC2) – Book now

Coaching young people and adults is a challenging and enormously rewarding role within the coaching pathway. Players need expertise, support and passion at every level of their development; this course is designed with your players needs at its core.

In turn, the experiences, tasks, practices and sharing of ideas which you experience during the course are designed to help equip you with the tools you need to meet your players’ needs. Just as players learn quickly, so do coaches. The challenge for all coaches is to learn as they develop, just as players do.

Who Should Attend?

At least 17 years of age (learners may attend the course and assessment if they are over 17 years of age; however, due to the level of responsibility associated with the role, they will not be certificated until they are 18 years of age)

The course is designed for coaches who are going to predominantly coach young people and adults (13 years+). They may be new coaches, existing UKCC1/ECB L1 or childrens coaches who wish to access ‘young person and adult specific’ content.


Coaches will be required to attend eight three hour modules, complete ‘off-course’ online E-modules at home in between modules and six sessions of supported practice usually in your own club coaching environment.

Pre-requisites for Certification

18 years of age.
Current emergency aid certificate.
Current Safeguarding Young Cricketers certificate or equivalent.
Disclosure and Barring Service check through ECB.
Over the duration of the course you can expect to explore the following questions.

What is the role of a young people and adults coach and what does good coaching of young people and adults look like?
What sorts of skills can young people and adults learn in cricket coaching sessions?
How can I develop my own coaching philosophy and why is it important?
What tools do I need to learn from experiences?
How do young people and adults learn?
What are the players needs and how can I help to meet them?
What are the different types of practice and what skills do they develop?
What tools can I use to help players learn in my coaching session?
How can I adapt my coaching session depending on the practice type and what skills players are learning?

CPD for Coaching Young People and Adults’ Cricket (Modules) – Book now

These workshops are designed to act as stepping stones for individuals who wish to work towards being assessed for the new Coaching Diploma or who just want to improve their knowledge. Coaches can opt to access the workshops as standalone CPD (Continual Professional Development) sessions. A certificate of attendance will be issued for each workshop attended.

Who Should Attend?

For coaches working with children that hold the ECB Certificate in Coaching Young People and Adults Cricket or equivalent qualification (ECB level 2/UKCC2)

The three CPD workshops within the Young People and Adults environment are:

ECB Coaching Teams

A coach of young people and adults cricket is often responsible for team preparation, practice and strategy throughout the season.
This workshop explores in-season practices and the coach’s role before, during and after a game.
Coaches will also consider their relationship with the captain.
ECB Performance and Video Analysis.

Understanding a player’s needs is key to supporting their development.
This workshop will explore and apply performance and video analysis in practice and competitive situations.
Coaches will understand how skill development can be supported and enhanced by performance and video analysis.
ECB Training Interventions and Methods.

Adaptable and flexible skills allow players to meet the changing demands of the game.
Designing appropriate practices that meet players needs is essential for enhancing game-specific skills.
This workshop will allow coaches to create and share inspiring groupbased training interventions and methods for young people and adults within a club environment.


Each workshop is designed to run over one, three-hour face-to-face module supported by e-learning.

Pre-requisites for Certification.
ECB Certificate in Coaching Young People and Adults (or ECB Level 2/UKCC2 equivalent) Emergency 1st Aid Certificate, Safeguarding & Protecting Children, current DBS, aged 18+.

Young Person and Adult Diploma Course

Who Should Attend?
Coaches who want to develop specific expertise in coaching young people and adults cricket and who have attended all Young Person & Adult Coach CPD workshops and completed online and applied coaching tasks.


Two days, to include a one day workshop and then a regional assessment. Some applied home study and on-line E-Learning modules prior to assessment day.

Pre-requisites for Certification

ECB Certificate in Coaching Young People and Adults (or ECB Level 2/UKCC2 equivalent) Emergency 1st Aid Certificate, Safeguarding & Protecting Children, current CRB, aged 18 years at least to begin the course and Assessment. Those who have undertaken, attended and completed all of the Young Person and Adult Coach CPD workshops and on-line E-Learning.