Youth League and Performance Development Group

GCB Youth League Performance and Development Group

The development group is involved with all facets of youth cricket within the county, although with the welcome formation of the women and girls development group in 2012, we now tend to focus more on boys’ cricket.

The group comprises representatives of all youth leagues in the Gloucestershire (Bristol, Cheltenham and Gloucester, Cotswold, Leadon Vale and Stroud), together with the relevant GCB Staff, whose roles are evolving as the new structure comes into effect. In addition, we have volunteers who deal specifically with the national youth cup competitions and the Gray Nicolls Gloucestershire Youth League.

The group looks to provide a structured and consistent approach to youth leagues and general cricketing opportunities across the county. This includes an overview of the county and district performance programmes and any other issues and challenges that arise.

The GCB embarked on a mini roadshow in late 2015 to gain insight from cricket clubs. The evenings were sold as “everything youth cricket”.

The 4 main focuses were:

  1. League Cricket (competitions, formats, matches ETC)
  2. Performance (District & County)
  3. Coach Education
  4. Chance to Shine

The evenings provided the main club volunteers the opportunity to be open, honest and give us “real information” that the GCB can take forward and influence change where needed. The feedback gathered from the process has enabled the GCB to look at local youth cricket and see what people are telling us. The main purpose of this process was to empower our clubs and enable their voice to be heard. We have found that making changes without gaining insight can often frustrate or alienate clubs, in order to provide the best service; the GCB must listen to clubs and provide suitable provision for them.


Jim Donaldson (chairman)Bristol Youth League (Bristol)
Chris Munden GCB (Project & Programmes Manager)
Adrian CoxLeadon Vale Youth League
Dave CotterellStroud and District Youth League
Sally DonaldsonBristol Youth League (South Glos)
Alan Heath (vice-chairman)Cotswold District Youth League
Steve CashmoreGloucestershire Coaches Association
Sue BreesSecretary
Craig HaywardCheltenham and Gloucester Cricket Association