UWE student teachers run cricket festival for 140 pupils – case study

Trainee teachers from UWE (University of the West of England) – the majority of whom had never coached before – inspired 140 children to play cricket at a fun-filled schools festival.

The first year primary teaching students ran skills sessions and games for pupils from three local schools following training from the Gloucestershire and Somerset Cricket Boards.

The 74 students led the event after attending a three hour workshop.

Following the training and festival 39 of the 74 students – 53% – completed a survey, reflecting on the experience.

What they said…

  • 85% of students had none or very little experience of playing or coaching cricket prior to the training at UWE.
  • 32% claimed that their previous cricket experience was boring or had put them off the game.
  • Prior to the training 58% said they wouldn’t have been able to deliver a cricket session and only 5% felt able to lead a cricket session on their own while.
  • Following the training 100% of students said they would be confident to run or assist with a cricket session. Of these 90% said they could lead a session alone or with some support.
  • After the workshops and festival 44% said they would be “more likely” to seek a role in PE in a school in the future.
  • 100% of students rated both tutors (38% good, 62% outstanding) and resources (37% good, 63% outstanding) received as good or outstanding.

What the students said… (selected comments)

What they liked…

  1. Coaches were excellent, really friendly and encouraging. I normally dread PE but with the help from the coaches and games nothing was ‘embarrassing’ or ‘uncomfortable’, really enjoyed the session and thought it was really useful to help with resources for teaching / planning my own lessons in the future.
  2. The coaches were great! They were so supportive and taught us some great skills. It was nice to be included and be active in every part of the training as it made it very fun and engaging! We didn’t want our session to end and asked for extra time. I loved it!
  3.  It changed my view on sports in general and the teaching of it. I am not as afraid to teach it now and now know techniques which were used in the session and were effective and so will use that in my practice as well. Great day and lovely staff!
  4. It gave us great activities that inexperienced cricketers could both play and teach (and how to adapt them for different ages/needs) It was enjoyable and for some I can imagine it helped their confidence whilst teaching all sports- not just cricket.
  5. The people who delivered it where engaging and inspired me to play cricket. There was a lot of support and practice to give me the confidence to lead group activities for children!!

What could have been better…

Of 34 respondents, 8 wanted more time/longer sessions, 15 didn’t think it could be improved while the most common request from the other respondents was for a bit more on the rules of “proper cricket.”