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Last Man Stands (Logo)

Last Man Stands (Logo)

What is Last Man Stands?

  • An 8-aside amateur Twenty20 league you can play.
  • Each game takes just two hours – perfect for a weekday evening.
  • 20 overs per side, but with five balls per over, not six.
  • Each side consists of eight players as opposed to the normal eleven.
  • Sides can only be bowled out when all eight players are dismissed the Last Man Stands.

LMS runs a number of different leagues in central Bristol. These included; The LMS Bristol Premier League The Happy Hitters League, The 4pm League, a Sunday league, The Corporate League plus the first ever Women’s League A world first for Last (Wo)Man Stands.

LMS is a perfect format of the game for existing and former players or anyone wanting to give cricket a try. Check back here in early 2014 for info on the next round of LMS leagues.

Five things you didn’t know about Last Man Stands:

  • 1. There are 30,000 Last Man Stands players worldwide.
  • 2. The Last Man Stands World Championships take place in England this summer with the final at Lord’s.
  • 3. The player who scored the highest score ever hit over 100 runs batting on his own!
  • 4. There are around 100 Last Man Stands Leagues across England.
  • 5. No player has ever taken all 8 wickets a game of Last Man Stands.

Sounds fun, right? Select below and play cricket

To watch how it works, please visit Last Man Stands TV at

If you want to register a team for the leagues, or to obtain further information please contact:

Andy Lees 07740 565 066
Stacey Andrews 07989 584 404
Last Man Stands Bristol

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