Performance and Elite Coaching

ECB Performance Coach Course (UKCC 3)

“Know your sport, know your player, know yourself.” The ECB Performance Coach Course has been designed to meet the needs of coaches working with the most talented young players in ECB’s performance pathway, aiming to develop and equip coaches with the knowledge, skills and thinking to work effectively in performance environments.

Coaches can expect to explore and develop their coaching philosophy, develop a deeper understanding of cricket skills required to achieve high level performance, and use techniques to help them better understand themselves as coaches and the staff and players they work with.

The course equips coaches to plan long, medium and short-term for performance gain. A range of tools are explored to help analyse performance, optimise learning environments, use feedback and self- reflection effectively and understand and appreciate the role individuality plays in elite sport. Coaches will also foster an understanding of the relationship between and the integration of various skill components required of high-level performance in cricket.

Following qualification all coaches can access the ECB CPD hub which provides up-to-date and innovative articles and features via a dedicated on-line platform.

Coaches interested in attending the ECB Performance Coach Course will be required to hold an existing Level 2 qualification or equivalent, have acquired some experience of working with the most talented young players, and demonstrate a willingness and open-mindedness to learn.

For more information on the course please read through the Performance Information Pack

Recruitment for the Performance Coach Course takes place in June and October of each year for courses in September and January respectively.

The next Performance Coach Course will run over the following dates:

Module 1: 7th, 8th & 9th January

Module 2: 25th, 26th, 27th February

Module 3: 18th & 19th March

Follow this link to access the online application form:

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for coaches working in the following areas (male and female):

County Age Group U13 and above
Emerging Players Programme
County Academy Programme
County Professional Programme
England Men’s and Women’s Development Programmes
The course is open to coaches from the following pathways:

County Board Workforce Planning
Coaches working in Performance Programmes in Clubs and Schools
Professional Cricketers currently or previously playing in one of the First Class Counties in England and Wales
ICC Europe
Coaches involved in ECB related Development Programmes overseas
A candidate’s application must be supported by an Endorsing Body. The following Endorsing Bodies are accepted:

County Cricket Board
ECB Coaches Association Rep
County Academy Director
County Director of Cricket
ICC Europe

The course is delivered over 8 tutoring days spread over 3 months. However there are areas of work to be completed prior to, during and after the 8 days to complete the assessment process. Each area of work will have a stipulated completion date which candidates must adhere to and the completion must be done within 9 months of registering on the course.

ECB Elite Coach (UKCC4 Master Coach)
The ECB’s Elite Coach Development Programme consists of the Master Coach Award (UKCC LEVEL 4), which incorporates a Post Graduate Diploma in Personal and Professional Development, a range of Continuous Personal and Professional Development programmes and targeted individual support.

Graduates from the Master Coach Programme are able to access a specialist ‘Elite Coach Hub’ which provides regular updates and multimedia coaching information.

Any further questions should be directed to either (ECB Elite Coach Development Operations Manager) or (ECB Head of Elite Coach Development).