Youth Associations

In Gloucestershire we are very fortunate to have a large number of committed volunteers who devote their time to providing coaching and competition for the county’s young players.

Across Gloucestershire we have seven separate youth associations who each offer formats of cricket that are voted in by their clubs. The formats vary slightly between each association for their own youth leagues but when it comes to the local rounds of the national cups the same format is played by all.

The Youth Associations of Gloucestershire are:

  • 1 & 2.Gloucester Youth
  • 2 & 3. Cheltenham & District
  • 4. Cotswold & District
  • 5. Stroud & District
  • 6. Leadon Vale
  • 6. West of Severn
  • 7.Bristol Youth Cricket League – Covers South Gloucestershire (7) and also Bristol (Not shown)

Each of the Associations has a representative on the Youth League and Performance Development Group so when it comes to driving change and new initiatives each of the committees has a real opportunity to be involved.